Apple gaining in corporation use due to ‘time machine’ effect

Chris Burns - Apr 6, 2012
Apple gaining in corporation use due to ‘time machine’ effect

There’s a lot to be said for the satisfaction of workers in this day and age, especially here in the tech industry where Apple is gaining on Windows machines for employee use due to what CBS Interactive CTO Peter Yared implies as a “time machine” effect. In a talk with the Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal, Yared spoke candidly about why he’s seeing Apple gain relatively quickly in businesses where employees have Apple computers at home and therefor expect to be able to use the same hardware and software when at work.

Imagine a world where employees of businesses around the world had as much say in their working conditions as their employers – that’s actually a reality here where Yared started implementing Macs in the workplace. It’s in San Francisco where he’s speaking about operating, and as he explains, it’s not necessarily the quality of the hardware of software on the business side of things that matters most – it’s the feeling that Apple is just more forward-thinking:

“People aren’t going to step into a time machine when they go to work, it makes them very frustrated and it makes it hard to attract and retain top talent.” – Yared

Along these same lines, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Frank Gillett spoke on the Macs invasion of the enterprise world noted that “the use of iPads and iPhones in the workplace is creating increased awareness and consideration of Macs.” Do you think Apple had this in mind when they first started creating this extended ecosystem? You bet they did!

The coverage of this oncoming, creeping, crawling Windows killer Apple’s invasion of the enterprise world stemmed this week from a Gartner report which showed December 2011 Mac Sales by Segment to be a whopping 21% for business use alone. Of course everyone should expect home use to be giant, and it is at 63%, but then there’s a sliver of a 1% there for the government and another generous 15% for education. Is Apple spreading its wings, or is this where the company reminds us of its roots?

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