Apple Fitness+ kicks off 2022 with two new major features

Apple today announced that two new features are coming to Apple Fitness+. These new features, called "Collections" and "Time to Run," will be debuting in the app next week, and we're guessing that current Apple Fitness+ subscribers have already figured out what each of them do. In addition to these new features, Apple also announced that it will soon be launching a third season of Time to Walk, giving users several weeks of new episodes to look forward to.

Apple Fitness+ Collections

As the name suggests, Apple Fitness+ Collections will offer subscribers multi-session workouts and meditations that run the course of several days or even weeks. Apple says that these Collections include plan suggestions that will "help users make intentional training choices" over those timeframes, and that there will be six Collections available when the feature launches on January 10th.

Those launch Collections include "30-Day Core Challenge," "Improve Your Posture with Pilates," "Perfect Your Yoga Balance Poses," "Run Your First 5K," "Strengthen Your Back, Stretch Your Hips," and "Wind Down for a Better Bedtime." Some of the challenges focus on specific goals, such as getting in shape for a 5K, while others like the 30-Day Core Challenge are more general Collections.

Apple didn't say whether we'll see more Challenges added to the lineup later on down the road, but it does seem like a feature ripe for expansion in the future. In any case, it'll take some time to work through these initial six Collections, so look for those to drop next week.

Time to Run and Time to Walk

Alongside Collections, Apple will also be launching a new feature called Time to Run on January 10th. Time to Run is similar in nature to Time to Walk, but with some key differences. While Time to Walk features stories and music from notable people, Time to Run will instead feature Apple Fitness+ trainers who detail notable runs in cities around the world.

The trainers featured in Time to Run episodes include Emily Fayette, Jamie-Ray Hartshorne, Sam Sanchez, Scott Carvin, and Cory Wharton-Malcolm. Rest assured, you don't need to actually be in the city at the center of each episode before you can run along with it, as you'll be sent photos of notable places along each route so it'll be just like you were there in person.

Time to Run will be launching with three episodes: London, coached by Wharton-Malcolm; Miami Beach, coached by Sanchez; and Brooklyn, coached by Fayette. Apple says that each run can be performed outdoors, on a treadmill, or even as part of an Outdoor Push workout for subscribers who use a wheelchair. One new episode will release each Monday, so keep an eye out for those to drop at the beginning of every week.

In addition, Time to Walk will be returning for a third season, with a new assortment of notable people to tell you stories and share their favorite music and photos as you walk. The guests in season three include Rebel Wilson, Bernice A. King, Hasan Minhaj, Chris Meloni, Ayọ Tometi, Chelsea Handler, and Sugar Ray Leonard. Like Time to Run, these new episodes of Time to Walk will start releasing on January 10th, with a new one coming around the bend each Monday.

Finally, Apple also revealed that its Artist Spotlight playlists are being expanded with new workouts set to the music of Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams, Shakira, and The Beatles. These new workouts will be going live on – you guessed it – each Monday for four weeks, so Apple Fitness+ subscribers will find themselves with a bevy of workout options to start each week.