Apple files patent application for wireless charging

I think I can see the clouds of another patent infringement lawsuit forming now. Apple has filed a patent application on wireless charging technology using magnetic resonance. The problem as many might know is that wireless charging using magnetic resonance has been around for a long time.

Apple has a patent application, number 20120303980, that outlines its magnetic resonance charging technology. It appears that there is at least one significant difference between most wireless charging technologies on the market today and what Apple's application outlines. While typical wireless charging solutions require physical contact between the device being charged and a charging mat, Apple's patent doesn't.

The system that the Apple patent application outlines allows for wireless charging a distance of up to 1 m from the charging device. Even though Apple's patent application outlines a wireless technology that doesn't require contact, it's certainly not the only company that has been working on wireless charging technology from a distance.

The Apple patent application was filed in November of 2010. Notably, a company called WiPower file the patent in 2008 on the concept of wireless charging as a whole. That company was later acquired by QUALCOMM with the patents becoming the foundation for The Alliance For Wireless Power along with some intellectual property provided by alliance member Samsung.

[via The Register]