Apple files patent application for high-resolution display in video glasses

Apple has applied for yet another patent with the US Patent Office, but instead of smartphone-related features, this patent covers high-resolution display in video glasses. The timing may seem suspect, what with Google's current Google Glass push going strong, but Apple has actually been filing patents related to video glasses since 2006. Indeed, this is nothing new for Apple, and with this latest patent application, it seems that the company is getting closer to achieving what it ultimately wants: bringing a retina-like display to the smaller screen you'd find in video glasses.PatentlyApple points out that this display would feature both a smaller screen and a smaller battery than the ones featured in the iPhone, something that could cause some challenges for Apple if it's looking to boost pixel density in the heads-up display. Also worth noting is that fact that Apple's patent application states "other embodiments may take the form of other types of display devices such as television sets, computer monitors, projection systems, and so forth," so it isn't looking to restrict this technology to just video glasses.

With as strange as that patent drawing pictured above looks, it's important to keep in mind that this isn't a design patent. Apple likely just came up with some concept drawings to submit with the application, and will probably work a little bit harder on the design of final product before shipping it. Still, this is a pretty exciting development, as it seems that everyone wants a bit of the video glasses pie. Stay tuned, because this could get interesting very quickly.