Apple "Explicit" App Store category spotted

After the ongoing arguments about Apple's decision to yank titillating applications from the App Store, it now looks like the Cupertino company have a new category in mind to corral anything with a vaguely adult theme.  Cult of Mac heard from a developer that a new category has been added to iTunesConnect, the system through which new software is submitted for inclusion in the download store, called "Explicit".

The source supplied a screenshot of the new category, and confirmation from a second, unconnected developer was obtained by Recombu.  As yet there's no sign of any Explicit listing in the App Store itself, but it seems likely that once Apple have organized all suitable content into it they'll push out an update to users' devices.

No official announcement from Apple themselves about the decision, but we're guessing they're building up to that too.  The company had come in for criticism from developers and users alike, the former concerned that their income stream could be pulled on a whim, and the latter complaining that other, equally risque apps were still to be found in the store while others had been removed.

[via Recombu]