Apple executive joins eBay as chief product officer

The latest in company poaching comes by way of eBay, which has nabbed Apple executive R. J. Pittman who will now reported to the retail company's president as eBay's Chief Product Officer. The move comes after what is said to be a couple months of talks going on behind the scene, and is unrelated to recent Apple hires, including Burberry's CEO.

The new chief product officer will take the lead in a new business group that eBay has formed, being tasked with managing new products the company brings about. As mentioned, his position will be reporting directly to eBay's president Devin Wenig. This marks the latest in a series of big-name tech businesses the executive has worked for.

Before working at Apple, where he was tasked with overseeing online company sales, Pittman worked for Google as its Director of Product Management, experience that seems will serve him well in his new position at eBay. He calls his new opportunity at the eCommerce website a better fit for his experience and career focus.

"I couldn't think of a better category leader than eBay to come in and make a much bigger impact on the industry." Though eBay's spokesperson has confirmed the Pittman hire to The Wall Street Journal, Apple hasn't offered up a statement on the employment change. There's no word on whether Pittman has already started at the new company.

SOURCE: The Wall Street Journal