Apple execs knew Steve Jobs' condition during iPhone 4S launch

Steve Jobs passed away just a day after the iPhone 4S launch and reports now reveal that Apple execs may have known about Jobs' condition during the event but had put on brave faces to carry on the show. According to Palo Alto police department spokeswoman Sandra Brown, Apple had informed police that Jobs was close to passing just days before Apple's official statement.

Since Jobs lived in a modest home on a public street open to pedestrians and without any gates or security, Apple contacted the police department ahead of time so that they could be prepared in case people were to gather in mass around the home upon hearing the news that Jobs had passed.

"Here's a guy who's a billionaire and lives in a regular neighborhood, not behind a gated estate with all the security guards," said former Apple employee Bruce Gee, who drove up to the home. "On Halloween, people go trick or treating there like everyone else."

Many speculate that the empty chair marked "Reserved" next to Apple execs at the Let's Talk iPhone event was a silent tribute to Jobs. A small private funeral for Jobs is taking place today for family and close friends. There will be no public services although a separate service for Apple employees is planned.

[via 9to5 Mac]