Apple Event Tomorrow At 10:00 AM PDT

Apple fanboys won't be getting much sleep tonight in anticipation for whatever new Mac goodies Apple is planning to announce tomorrow at their Town Hall meeting in Cupertino.

The meeting starts at 10:00 AM PDT – sharp. So what exactly can we expect from tomorrow's announcement? Perhaps more about the October Mac OS X upgrade to Leopard? So can we expect a thinner iMac or even a 16GB flash-memory-based iPod? Maybe.

I received two interesting tips over the past week sent from two different companies, Apple and Nvidia. I've responded to both requesting confirmation but have gotten none. There's no doubt that these email address were spoofed. That being said here's the name, email addresses and the tip in its entirety. What do you think? Is this info for real?

Name: Chris Malachowsky


Headlines: New iPods and iMacs August 7

Source URL:

Tips: It is Chris Malachowsky. Just wanted to give a quick heads up

that on August 7, Steve Jobs will be announcing the next generation of

iMacs and iPods at Moscone West. iMacs will be slightly thinner, with

a subtle brushed metal finish, while the iPods will retain the same

design form, albeit a smaller clickwheel and a new GUI. People are

going to go nuts. Anyway, I am happy to say that our NVIDIA chips will

be used in BOTH the new iPods and iMacs. I also heard that iLife 07

and iWork 07 will be announced at the announcement, but other than

that I have no more info. You should receive a press invite by Monday.





Subject: Apple August 7 Event

Date: August 5, 2007 6:13:15 PM MST



My name is Timothy Perfitt and I am a now-former employee of Apple Inc. I decided to retire on July 20, and I found it to be a rewarding career. Tip: If you get offered a job at Apple, take it ! :) . I worked as a Systems Engineer at Apple (I would test the compatibilty of OS X with new proccessors and new hardware), and I have some information could interest you and your readers. First of all, I would like to say that the employment of me at Apple was quite unique. I was deemed Self-employed, so the NDA I signed was a revised version. There was a loophole in the NDA, and my lawyer has assured me that I can share the following information with you (sorry, I would have gotten the info to you right when I knew it, but I had to confirm that it was OK with my lawyer). Please be aware that I have limited information, and since I never worked at Apple marketing department, I have no clue about the prices of the units, the final names, or any other info than I am supplying you.

These are products being annouced at the Apple event on August 7:

-iMac 20 and 24 inches. Brushed Metal covers its entirety. The base on the bottom of the new iMac is different, however it is hard to explain and many readers would be perplexed if I tried to explain it. Both models come with a 2.4GHz Intel Penryn chip. (side note: The Penryns were a breeze to test with OS X, and that new keyboard is so damn light). The new iMacs are 0.25 inches thinner than the previous generation.

-Apple Display (don't know what their final/exact name will be): 20, 24, and 32 inches. Same form factor, however there will be rounded corners and an iSight cam built in. (side note: My team had to test color profiling on these units).

-The Woodcrest chips in the Mac Pro are going to be replaced with Penryn chips. I believe the configurations before hand were 2.0, 2.66, and 3.0GHZ. That has also been changed to 2.4, 3.0, and 3.33GHZ. Quad-core and 8-core will still be available. I don't even know if this will be considered a new "generation".

-I have been told that the Mac Mini will vanish from Apple's website, but Jobs isn't suppose to say anything in the conference about it.

That's it. Also, I hope you will not publish my name, I do not want my name plastered on the internet.