Apple event tipped to release trinity of devices: Watch, iPhone 5se, iPad Air

Chris Burns - Feb 2, 2016, 12:41pm CST
Apple event tipped to release trinity of devices: Watch, iPhone 5se, iPad Air

This week it’s been suggested that Apple is preparing their gear for an incrementally-spaced Apple Event coming soon. This event would bring on three devices, one of which would be the iPhone 5se, the upgraded version of the iPhone 5s, bringing 2016 specs to a smaller handset. Also coming here will be the iPad Air 3, also coming with the most updated of specs to match what iOS is now capable of doing. And of course, the darling wearable, Apple Watch, is set to be given a boost in specs this event as well.

The iPad Air 2 was first revealed back in October of 2014. This will be the first significant upgrade to the tablet since that time, according to 9to5Mac. This version will work with a Smart Connector, it’s suggested, meaning we’ll likely be witnessing the birth of a “iPad Pro Mini” of sorts.

The iPhone 5se is said to be coming with an A9 chip, upgraded internals for Apple Pay (like NFC and the return of the fingerprint scanner), and pricing that’ll replace the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5se will more than likely be priced at $449 for the smallest version – that’s 16GB internal storage – while larger internal storage size versions may become available soon after launch.

The new Apple Watch may not end up being all that different from what Apple has available on the market today. Instead, it may just be that the Apple Watch will have a new line of watch bands to work with. The Apple Watch will likely be revealed again with new bands right out the box, while processor and display – and so forth – remain largely the same.

The event itself is being tipped to take place on Tuesday, the 15th of March. That’d line up relatively well with previous events, and here once again we’ll likely see three product categories revealed one after the other with no super secret reveal at the end – nothing like a whole new product category, for example.

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