Apple entices Bob Mansfield out of retirement

Several announcements have been made today by Apple regarding their current staff and leadership, with none other than Bob Mansfield coming out of retirement to work under Tim Cook. Mansfield announced his retirement in June of this year, but will now be working on Apple products for the foreseeable future. Apple also let it be known that Craig Federighi and Dan Riccio have been promoted from vice presidents of their respective parts of the business to senior vice presidents.

Federighi is now senior vice president of Mac Software Engineering, where he'll be working with Apple's operating system engineering teams and will retain responsibility for the development of Mac OS X. Notable here is Apple's usage of "Mac" in front of "OS X" where with the release of Mountain Lion it appeared that Mac was axed as a brand name from the OS. Federighi's impressive past was recounted by Apple as well:

Federighi worked at NeXT, followed by Apple, and then spent a decade at Ariba where he held several roles including vice president of Internet Services and chief technology officer. He returned to Apple in 2009 to lead Mac OS X engineering. Federighi holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Riccio will be working with Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod engineering teams as new senior vice president of Hardware Engineering. His body of work is also pretty fabulous, Apple letting us know what he's been through over the past collection of years.

He has been instrumental in all of Apple's iPad products since the first generation iPad. Riccio joined Apple in 1998 as vice president of Product Design and has been a key contributor to most of Apple's hardware over his career. Dan earned a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1986.

Mansfield was the previous senior vice president of Hardware Engineering, and it's not quite been stated in letters what his current position is (as far as a title goes.) We're sure that Tim Cook is more than pleased that Mansfield will be sticking around, one way or another.

[via Apple]