Apple developers can now apply for its lower App Store commission rate

On November 18, Apple announced its App Store Small Business Program, one that would cut commission on in-app purchases and paid apps from 30-percent to 15-percent. The program can apply to developers whose apps generated up to $1 million in the previous calendar year — and now, a couple of weeks later, the company is now accepting applications.

Put simply, Apple says that developers with apps in the App Store who made up to $1 million from their digital goods this year can qualify for its App Store Small Business Program, including the reduced commission rate. The program is also open to new developers.

If the developer qualifies for the program when they apply, but their revenue exceeds the $1 million mark at some point, they'll pay the standard 30-percent commission rate for the rest of that calendar year, according to Apple. Assuming the revenue then drops back down below the $1 million threshold later on, Apple says they can re-qualify for the program.

Apple notes that developers must include any Associated Developer Accounts they may have when applying and that the revenue threshold applies to the total proceeds across the accounts. As well, app transfers aren't allowed when someone is in the program.

The company says that app transfers initiated after December 31, as well as the acceptance of apps transferred after that date, will make the developer uneligible for the program. Ultimately, Apple says that 'the vast majority of developers on the App store who sell digital goods and services are eligible' for its program.

Apple Developer Program account holders can now submit their application to enroll in the program on the company's small business program website. Apple notes that submissions must be received by December 18 in order to get the benefits by the first of the year.