Apple demanding Android source code in Samsung lawsuit

The ongoing legal battle between Apple and Samsung is heating up yet again. This time around, Apple is turning to Google and has requested that they hand over various Android source code documents. Apple claims that Google is withholding information relating to Android, and says that Android is used in all of Samsung's infringing products, which "provides much of the accused functionality."

The report comes from Bloomberg, which notes that Apple attorney Mark Lyons says that all of this basically deals with "transparency," and he argues that Google is beating around the bush with delivering evidence that is requested by either Apple or the court. However, Google lawyers argue that the company was to be kept off of the case in the initial court filing, so they don't have the same legal rights as Apple or Samsung in this case.

Google is concerned that if they eventually do hand over the source code documents, Apple may discover other information that Google believes Apple isn't entitled to, which could give the Cupertino-based company further "ideas about how to proceed that they wouldn't have had" in the first place.

This second patent lawsuit comes after Apple was awarded $1.05 billion payable by Samsung after the court ruled that the Korean company infringed on Apple's patents. However, that award has since been lowered to $639.4 million, and a new trial is set for November to re-evaluate some of the products involved in the downgraded award.

[via Android Community]