Apple damages vs Samsung: ZERO

In the Apple vs Samsung case here in the USA over patents and design on both parties parts, it appears that Samsung's claims have fallen completely flat. Samsung challenged Apple in this case on patent claims for UTMS standard technology as well as several other smaller items. Across the board, Apple was found not guilty – no wrongdoing in ay way at all.

Apple was not found guilty of infringing on patent 711, 893, 460, or 516. Damages owed to Samsung by Apple were found to be zero. Apple did attempt to stop Samsung from cutting them down with a claim that Samsung breached their obligations to the public when developing the UTMS standard, but the jury found this to not be true.

Similarly, Apple was not able to prove by preponderance of the evidence that Samsung had violated Section 2 of the Sherman Antitrust Act by creating a monopoly on one or more technology markets related to the UMTS standard. Apple did, however, prove that Samsung is barred by patent exhaustion that enforcing patents 516 and 941 against Apple – this is good for Apple because it essentially relieves them of any guilt in using this technology because Samsung doesn't have the right to keep it all to themselves – so to speak.

Have a peek at the timeline below to see several other bits of the verdict and check some of the more important moments in the trial as it went down over the past few weeks as well. This trail has been rather important already, and will continue to be a precedent through the future as well – watch out for continued patent pushes through the future, and for Apple to be right at the tip of the news tip – one way or another.

[via The Verge]