Apple confirms OpenStreetMaps usage in iPhoto

Apple introduced iPhoto for iOS along with the new iPad, and while Cupertino has relied solely on Google Maps for many of its services, iPhoto featured OpenStreetMap images instead. Apple has remained silent on the issue over the past two months, but OpenStreetMap has found Apple's acknowledgement within the iPhoto settings. OpenStreetMap says that after making "informal contact" with Apple staff, the credit was eventually added.

OpenStreetMap took to Twitter yesterday to say that Apple had finally attributed the usage of the maps. While they had made contact with Apple in the past, they say the credit only came after a volunteer mapper, also an iOS developer, spoke to people at Apple. OpenStreetMap confirmed that its data was being used back when iPhoto for iOS was launched, yet it's taken this long for Apple to confirm the usage.

Having said that, Apple does seem to be using old map data. OpenStreetMap took to its blog back in March to say that the data being used was generated in April 2010. Apple has purchased several mapping companies in the past, and the relationship between itself and Google is becoming increasingly tense, so the company might just be exploring its options before completely moving away from Google Maps.

The data may be out of date, but it is being pulled down from Apple's servers, and Cupertino has purchased two mapping companies in the past. They first acquired Placebase back in 2009, and then Poly9 in July 2010. Its most recent purchase in October 2011 was C3 Technology, which specialized in 3D mapping.

[via The Next Web]