Apple claims Samsung damages verdict is off by $85 million

If you're not sure about what's been going on between Apple and Samsung as of late, the two companies are still involved in a legal cat fight. Back in August, Samsung was given a $1.05 billion damages bill that they would have to pay to Apple. That figure has since been cut down significantly, but Apple still says that the judge made a calculation error and is off by $85 million.

Earlier this month, Judge Lucy Koh cut down the original damages to around $600 million — a huge sigh of relief on Samsung's end. However, Apple is politely calling out Judge Koh for miscalculating the reduction, saying that she's off by $85 million because Apple claims she overlooked two more Samsung products; the Galaxy S II on AT&T and the Infuse 4G.

Apple says that these two devices should have been included in the original $1.05 billion verdict last year, and the company is wanting Judge Koh to recalculate the damages that Samsung owes. Of course, telling a judge that they're wrong, no matter how respectful you are about it, may not be the best way to get them on your good side, but we'll see how it goes for the Cupertino-based company.

Apple and Samsung have been clawing at each other in courtrooms around the world for years, over patent infringement claims on both sides. So far, there doesn't seem to be an end to this current court battle, but we're guessing that eventually the case will close at some point in the near future hopefully.

[via CNET]