Apple CEO Tim Cook tours Foxconn factory in China

Apple has taken some heat recently regarding pay and working conditions in Foxconn factories located in China. The company has taken steps to address concerns, publishing reports in the past surrounding conditions in the factories. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, is currently visiting China, and has paid a visit to a Foxconn factory.

Tim Cook visited a factory in the city of Zhengzhou. In a photograph provided to Reuters by Apple, he is seen smiling and meeting workers. The factory reportedly employs 120,000 people to assemble Apple's iPhone.

It comes after recent meetings with Chinese officials, reportedly in an effort to expand Apple's factory facilities throughout China. An Apple spokeswoman said that Cook had "great meetings" with officials, and that "China is very important to us and we look forward to even greater investment and growth here."

Details of Cook's visit to China have been light, with Apple only revealed tiny bits of information. It's unknown how much longer Cook will be in China for, or what his agenda in the country will be going forward. It's believed that he is addressing issues relating to expansion, as well as intellectual property rights.

[via The New York Times]