Apple CEO Tim Cook to speak at Goldman Sachs Conference tomorrow

Craig Lloyd - Feb 11, 2013
Apple CEO Tim Cook to speak at Goldman Sachs Conference tomorrow

The Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference will host Apple CEO Tim Cook for the second year in a row. Apple updated its Investor webpage today to note the addition of the conference, which will be live streamed in an audio-only format starting tomorrow at approximately 10:15 am ET. At last year’s conference, Cook spoke about the tablet market and the company’s growth over the years.

Of course, it’s rare to have Cook speak at non-Apple events, and he only recently made his first television interview appearance after being at the CEO helm for over a year. Of course, this year’s talk at the Goldman Sachs conference could be a bit more interesting than last year’s appearance, considering that he’s been CEO for much longer this time around.

Obviously, we’re not expecting any product announcements during the session, but Cook may offer some insight into Apple and what products it has lined up for the future. He might not address all of the wild rumors going around, but he may be asked about them and could provide an answer that may stir up even more speculation.

Either way, Cook’s discussion should be fairly interesting, and this’ll be his first appearance since his television interview with NBC’s Brian Williams. That is, if you don’t count Apple’s quarterly earnings call last month, in which Cook rattled off numbers and statistics from the past quarter.

[via AppleInsider]

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