Apple Celebrates Mac computer's 30th birthday with interactive timeline

Apple is currently celebrating the 30th birthday of the Mac computer. That will probably make some of you feel old. The first Macintosh computer debuted in 1984 with what Apple calls the "computer that changed everything." If you are a child of the 80's you may recall the first time you saw one of those machines.

My elementary school had one, but no one ever used it because the teacher didn't know what it did or how to use it in class. As part of the 30th birthday celebration, Apple has added a timeline that offers information on each of the computers in the Mac line from the start to current times.

It's impressive to see how far Mac computers and technology in general has come in the last 30 years. The timeline also has images of some of the team behind the classic Macintosh and other computers Apple built.

One of the cool things bout the time line is that it shows with each of the new Mac computers who one of the visionaries of the time was who used the machines and what they did with them. Visitors to the 30th anniversary site can also share what their first Mac was and apple is keeping track to see which of the Mac machines was most people's first experience with the brand. Right now, the Macintosh 512Ke from 1986 is in the lead.