Apple brings Game Center to the Mac

Apple has decided to bring Game Center across from the iPhone and iPad to Mountain Lion. The feature works much in the same way as it does on iOS devices, with users being able to sign in and keep a track of games currently being played, plus stats and scores being offered up via custom profiles.

Game Center for Mountain Lion will feature Mac to Mac support, as well as cross-platform support between Macs and iOS. On stage at WWDC, Apple demoed how two players could compete in the same game across an iPad and Mac. Amusingly, the company had its own fake version of The Stig from popular motor program Top Gear, dubbed Racer OS X.

If you made use of Game Center on iOS, expect to get even more use out of it now that it's made the jump across to Mountain Lion. It'll be interesting to see what cross-platform titles Apple and third-parties can cook up in the near future to leverage the service. Expect it to be included with Mountain Lion when it's released next month.