Apple brings Dictation to Mountain Lion

Apple has added a ton of new features to Mountain Lion today here at WWDC, and one of them is Dictation. Users will be able to speak in almost every app across Mountain Lion and have their words transcribed to text automatically. Apple say that Dictation will work for Facebook, Mail, and Microsoft Word. It's not quite the full-blown Siri support that some were expecting, but it's the next best thing.

The company didn't give up too much information, or even spend a lot of time on a demo, but did say that it was "simple" and worked just about anywhere in the OS, including third-party apps. Presumably you'll need an internet connection in order for it work, just like Siri on the iPhone.

But hey, did you really need a Dictation demo? If you've used Siri, then you can probably guess the accuracy that the standalone Dictation feature will have on the new MacBook Pros. In any event, the feature will be included with Mountain Lion when it's released, so make sure to check it out.