Apple brand worth $153B making it more valuable that Google

We all know that in the tech world Apple is one of the most popular and profitable businesses out there. Apple has one of the most popular smartphones, one of the most popular smartphones and the most popular tablet on the market. The MacBook line of notebooks are also popular with computer users that aren't Windows fans. With all the successful gear it may come as no surprise that Apple is one of the most valuable brands on the market today.

WPP Plc issued a report that shows Apple as a brand is worth $153.3 billion. That valuation puts Apple well above Google with a loss of 2% in its brand value over the last year to end up at $111.5 billion. While Google lost ground, Apple has grown 84%. I would bet that a lot of that growth is thanks to the iPad and iPhone too. Apple taking over the top spot on the brand value list ended Google's four-year run at the top.

The fastest growing brand in the tech world was Facebook with 246% growth over the year to land at 35 on the list with a valuation of $19.2 billion. Twelve of the top 100 global bands were from China. Chinese social network Baidu was number 29 with the second fastest growth at 141%. Amazon is at 14 and pushed Wal-Mart to 15 in the rankings with Wal-Mart now the most valuable retail brand.

[via Bloomberg]