Apple boots LG from the third-place mobile phone vendor spot says IDC

IDC has offered up the latest statistics for the mobile phone market with its Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker data that follows the global market. According to the latest numbers, Apple is growing in a big way thanks to the new iPhone 4S that launched recently. In fact, massive sales success of the new iPhone model help Apple kick LG electronics out of the third-place spot in the global mobile phone vendor rankings.

Last quarter Apple sat in the fifth-place spot on the list in the record-breaking quarter for iPhone 4S shipments propelled Cupertino up the list in a big way. That massive sales success also saw Apple besting mobile phone maker ZTE, pushing it into the fifth-place spot. The top spot remains firmly in the grasp of Nokia with Samsung taking second place spot.

Apple shipped 37 million iPhones in Q4 to give it 8.7% of the global market. The 37 million shipment number is more than twice what Apple shipped in Q4 2010. It's also worth noting that LG's total sales volume declined for the third quarter in a row signaling trouble for LG. The majority of phones shipped during the quarter were feature phones rather than smartphones.

[via IDC]