Apple boasts $9.5b profit on $43.6b revenue in Q2 2013

As expected (and a bit earlier than promised), Apple has announced its Q2 2013 earnings for this past quarter. The company raked in $43.6 billion in revenue and netted $9.5 billion of that for the quarter. Analysts had estimated that the company would bring in $41.82 billion in revenue, so it seems Apple did better than expected on that front.

The company's $43.6 billion in revenue trumps its revenue from the same quarter last year, which was $39.2 billion. However, net profits were down from $11.6 billion in Q2 2012. These numbers represent a slow growth for Apple, and this marks one of the few times that Apple hasn't seen huge gains, but nonetheless, the money is definitely there.

As for sales of products, Apple sold 37.4 million iPhones and 19.5 million iPads during the three months, which is up 6.55% and 65.25% year-over-year, respectively. A 65% gain is certainly respectable, but we have to give most of the credit to the recently-released iPad mini for bumping those numbers up quite a bit.

As expected, Mac sales went down to 3.95 million units sold during the quarter from last year's 4 million, and iPod sales also continued on with their slow decline, down to 5.6 million iPods sold from last year's 7.7 million. We can't say we're too surprised here, but the iPhone and iPad have been the dominating products for the company as of recently.