Apple Bluetooth Headset discontinued

Visitors to the Apple Bluetooth Headset page on the online Apple store were greeted with an anticipated ship date of "Discontinued." It could hint at a future updated model, or Apple deciding to get out of the Bluetooth accessory game.  I vote the former considering the new feature of stereo Bluetooth  coming with the release of the iPhone 3.0 software update

Apple's Bluetooth headset was always a quality, if maybe overpriced headset that was proprietary to the iPhone and iPhone 3G.  The device was simple and elegant, and featured no obvious blinking lights so anyone wearing it could more easily hide the fact that they were walking around still wearing their Bluetooth headset. However, many considered the device to be substandard due to a limited battery life and lack of voice dial controls. The cost of being designed by Apple–one button.

The original Apple Bluetooth headset was originally introduced with the iPhone back in June 2007 and was priced at $129.  The price dropped to $99 shortly after the release of the iPhone 3G.