Apple Black Friday one-day sale kicks off: $101 off an iMac or MBP

It's the day after Thanksgiving and that means Black Friday sales in the US.  We're already hearing that parking spaces outside US malls are full up – and it's only just gone 4am on the east coast – so if it's cut-price Apple tech you're after then why not do your shopping online?  As is somewhat traditional by now, Apple have discounts across various parts of their store today: save just over $100 on a new iMac, for instance, or the same off a MacBook Pro.

Alternatively there's $21 off an Apple TV, bringing the mediaplayer down to $208, while the iPod nano and iPod touch get $11 and up to $41 knocked off respectively.  You'll still get free shipping on anything over $50, too.

What we like most about Apple's sale is that it's not restricted to the US.  The company's regional online stores are also showing discounts – how about £71 off a UK MacBook Pro or iMac? – and while there are no earth shattering deals to be had, given how relatively rare it is to see discounts on Apple hardware it makes sense to pick up your latest Cupertino gadget today rather than tomorrow.