Apple AR headset is still MIA but might launch Q2 2022

WWDC 2021 unloaded a lot of goodies for Apple fans across all its devices and even teased some of the things Apple will be working on in the next few months. One frequently rumored endeavor, however, was still without a trace. Despite its profession of belief in augmented reality technology, Apple has yet to reveal even a shadow of its much-rumored AR headset. That will still be coming, but those waiting for it might not want to hold their breath as the latest word is that its debut may come only in the middle of 2022.

Apple considers itself a firm believer in augmented reality putting it almost in contrast with the more numerous VR companies. Indeed, it has been investing heavily in AR on its mobile devices, particularly through ARCore, and has pretty much left Google behind in that arena despite the tech giant's initial lead. That said, Apple has yet to come out with a dedicated AR device, a headset really, that will really put its AR technology to the test.

That AR headset has long been rumored to be in the works but no date has been leaked yet. The famed Ming-chi Kuo recently mentioned it would be coming in the "next several months" but that is really pretty vague. Now the analyst puts a firmer range of months, sometime within the second quarter of 2022, but it won't actually be the ultimate AR device yet either.

According to the research report that mainly focused on Apple supplier Genius Electronic Optical, Apple's AR HMD will be more like a mixed reality headset that leans more towards VR. The AR aspect will actually come via pass-through video, which is where Genius' lenses will come in.

As for the "real" AR glasses, that's not expected at least until 2025. It's a rather long wait, considering how long Apple has been rumored to be working on the technology and the hardware, but it isn't exactly surprising for Apple. After all, it has been rumored to have been working on smart car products and software but that hasn't seen the light of day yet either.