Apple "Apps for Everything" attempts to manage App Store

When you've got 85,000 titles to choose from, having some way of cutting through the selection and finding the right app goes from being a luxury to a necessity, and so Apple have cranked up their "there's an app for that" offensive with "Apps For Everything".  The new category system aims to further slice up the code-bloated App Store, introducing thirteen new sections.

Those categories include the straightforward "for work", "for music" and "for keeping current", but also cover slightly more specific options like "for managing money" and "for the great outdoors".  Each category showcases several of the applications Apple believe are "best of breed".

Apple recently announced that it had passed two billion application downloads from the App Store, less than fifteen months after the on-device marketplace first opened its virtual doors.  The path there hasn't been smooth, however, with Apple's approval policies causing various headaches to developers.