Apple approaching 40% in smartphone market share, others stagnant

comScore released its quarterly smartphone market share results for Q1 2013, and it shows that Apple's smartphone market share rose 2.7% percentage points from last quarter. The company now stands at 39%, up from 36.3% back in December. This marks a record-high market share for the Cupertino-based company, while other manufacturers have remained mostly stagnant.

The only other phone maker to report a gain was Samsung, with a measly 0.7% boost from last quarter. They now stand at 12.7% as of March. HTC, Motorola, and LG all saw drops in market share, going down 0.8%, 0.6%, and 0.3% respectively. Not a lot of action here, but Apple and Samsung both have proven that they're the dominate beings in the smartphone market.

As for mobile platform market share, Google's Android keeps the lead with a respectable 52%, while Apple now stands at 39%. However, iOS is slowly closing in on Android, as iOS market share went up 2.7%, while Android fell 1.4% from last quarter. Based on that trajectory, iOS would overtake Android in just a matter of a couple years.

As for BlackBerry and Microsoft's Windows Phone platforms, they remain in the third and fourth positions, respectively, with 5.2% and 3% of the market share. BlackBerry share dropped 0.6%, while Windows Phone gained a tenth of a percent. Collectively, iOS and Android make up a whopping 91% of the mobile platform market share.