Apple App Store served 5.65M free daily downloads in November

The App Store has hit a milestone that is very impressive. According to the latest stats from a firm called Fiksu, the Apple App Store served up 5.65 million free app downloads per day in November. That was up from 4.91 million in October. With a typical app coming in at 4MB and 5.65 million downloaded, that is a huge amount of data.

Before October and November, the number of daily downloads of the top free apps had been declining. That decline was blamed on the anticipation of the iPhone 4S and the fact that new users weren't purchasing the iPhone 4. Part of the big climb in downloads is also said to be thanks to iOS 5.

The updates for apps to run on iOS 5 prompted a lot of downloads. Compared to November of 2010, app downloads were up 83% for 2011. The downloads should keep growing as well with an estimated 30 million new iPhones come in online in Q4 2011.

[via Gigaom]