Apple App Store hitting 25 billion downloads imminently

The folks at Apple have announced the soon to be hit 25 billion downloads mark from the iTunes App Store – that is, all apps downloaded for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. These apps number in the millions, and now the downloads of these apps have nearly reached the 25th billion – that's no tiny mile mark. When the 25 billionth download is hit, the person to grab that final download is said to be eligible to win a $10,000 App Store Gift Card – you could download the whole darn place with that kind of cash!

You're also able to enter this contest without purchase or download of course, per US regulations that you're not going to be entering a contest by paying cash to buy something else, but why not just pick up a freebie? You'll be in the best shape to grab that 25 billionth app if you hit it some time over the weekend, as the counter currently reads 25,296,xxx,xxx. But it's going fast!

Head to the Apple 25 Billion App Countdown page to get more details on entering the contest without purchase or download, and also to see the official rules for how you may or may not be eligible to win. This app store gift card will only be good on apps, so be sure you've got a device that can handle the iOS app awesomeness once you've won. Think of all the awesome oddities you will possess! Also, of course, head to the App Store itself to get to downloading!