Apple App Store Blasts Through 300,000 ACTIVE Apps

Reports in the middle of last month announced the 300,000 milestone marker for Apple's App store, saying that this was the amount of apps currently in the store. Since then, these numbers have been disputed because of the number of inactive Apps sitting around doing nothing or not quite ready to go quite yet. However, what with an average of 5,452 iPad apps and 12,218 iPhone apps per month since April being released, the number of inactive apps has become negated.

Some other fun facts about app releases in the Apple App Store: About 7% of all iOS apps are universal (for both iPhone and iPad), with the average iPad app costing almost $5 and the average iPhone app averaging out at $4.03. Just inside the top 100 apps, the average iPad app costs $5.80 while the average iPhone app costs just $2.14. These facts were calculated by the fine folks over at Distimo on ReadWriteWeb.

[Via ReadWriteWeb]