Apple App Store Adds Hardcore Games to App Store Essentials

Around the time the iPad launched, Apple's self-proclaimed magical and revolutionary tablet device that we're sure you've heard about by now, they realized that their App Store had to get switched around a bit. Soon after, specialized areas started to show up here and there, especially with some centered around the iPad specifically. Still, the majority simply focused on broad categories, like games. To be a bit more focused though, they added "App Store Essentials," and that's pretty much what you might expect: the stuff you need to have on your iDevice.

While Microsoft is trying to save face with their upcoming launch of Kinect, and how it relates to hardcore gamers out there, Apple is apparently vying to make their name known amidst the crowd. Sure, their titles are far more "mobile" than, say, Microsoft's, but that doesn't make the gamers any less hardcore. Today, Apple officially unveiled their new "Hardcore Games" section within App Store Essentials. And, as you can tell from the picture above, it's pretty hardcore.

Titles you'll find in there range, but you should find some familiar ones like Space Invaders Infinity Gene, Chaos Rings, and Archetype. The prices don't seem to have changed much, though. Any hardcore gamers out there feel like this section was absolutely needed to get your favorite games their own showcase area?

[via MacStories]