Apple announces this year's Back-to-School offer

Students who purchase a new Apple computer (excluding the Mac Mini) will be given a free iPod Touch to go with it. the iPod Touch and new Mac have to be purchased at the same time in order for the student to receive the rebate on the iPod Touch. The rebate is  in the amount of the 8GB iPod Touch ($229), though students can purchase the 16 or 32GB versions and just pay the difference.  Apple runs a back to school program every year, usually starting in June. This offer goes through September 8th, and all College, University students and professors, as well as K-12 teachers are able to take advantage of the offer.

Apple runs these offers for students to clear out the old stock of iPods for the annual refresh that occurs in October. Last year, new iPod Touches and iPod Nanos were released, and in February, new MacBooks and MacBook Pros were launched as well. It's safe to assume that this year will be the same, and there will be refreshed models debuting in October.  As a result, students who just need an MP3 player and don't care about having the latest Apple iPod are best advised to take advantage of these deals. Traditionally, Apple also runs a free Printer deal as well, and there are also discounts on Student copies of Microsoft Office for Mac.

Anyone who qualifies can go to their campus computer store, an Apple Retail location, or the Apple Store Online. Rebates are all submitted online and are processed and mailed out in 3-5 business days, so there's no need to worry about losing paperwork or receipts or anything.

[Via Apple]