Apple announces extended hours for London Store following Tuesday's event

As you likely know, Apple is having a little get-together this Tuesday at the London Apple Store. There's also the good possibility that you know we'll be covering the event (like we'd miss it!) and live blogging it. What you probably don't know are the hours that store will be open to the public.

Granted, a lot of you probably don't care since you don't live anywhere near London. However, for those wondering what time you'll need to line up for the iPhone whatever Apple announces, we've got the info. The store won't open until 4PM on Tuesday, but it will stay open until 10PM.

We can ascertain a few things from this knowledge. The first being that this press conference is going to last a while. They've asked the media to arrive at 10am, so that 6 hours before the store opens. I'm guessing part of that time is going to be spent demoing products. That also runs through lunchtime, so they'll have to provide food.

We also know that the Apple Store staff has been asked to arrive at 2PM for a 90-minute briefing. This is the most useful piece of information. This tells us that they will be launching something on Tuesday, and likely not just making the announcement. I doubt the staff would need a breifing that long if it were a mere announcement. Remember to check back with us on Tuesday for the up-to-the-minute coverage. For those keeping track at home, that's 5AM EST.

Apple's London store plans extended hours following event; more [via appleinsider]