Apple and iTunes creeping their way into several devices including upcoming HD Radios

James Allan Brady - Sep 10, 2007

Word on the street is HD Radio is the new wave, imaging satellite radio quality but add some ads and lower the price to $0.00 per month. Well with HD Radio people are finally getting a way to revolutionize the way we listen to the normal radio, including the ability to tag a song for later purchase.

Up till now the best you could do for figuring out a song title/artist is either a Google search with the part of the lyrics you remember and hope you find something, or use one of the services where you record a portion of the song or use your phone and the service tries to recognize it for you. Well that is all changing thanks to HD Radio where they are able to transmit not only the song but all the metadata for it OTA.

Well apparently JBL and Polk’s next HD radios are going to capitalize on this neat function and make it so you can tag songs for later purchase in iTunes when you hear them. the process sounds a little more complicated than it should be. It requires you to hear the song on the HD radio, then tag it, then connect your iPod or presumably iPhone, and sync it with the radio and then sync the iDevice with your iTunes library and it will provide a list.

The first device will be Polk’s I-Sonic Entertainment System 2 which will be available in October for an OMFG! $499! Although it is from Polk, and if you have never heard the sound that comes out of any of their equipment, I can personally assure you that chances are real good that this thing will be well worth it.

HD Radios to allow tagging for later iTunes purchase [via TUAW]

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