Apple and Google rated 2013 top two most valuable global brands

Millward Brown Optimor has released its annual BrandZ list of the most valuable global brands for the year, and Apple and Google are in the top slots, with the former coming in at #1 and the latter at #2. On top of that, comparing the numbers, we see that both companies saw an increase in brand value over 2012, while IBM – which came in third on the list – saw a decrease in value.

Apple's 2013 brand value was pegged at $185,071, a 1-percent increase over 2012's $182,951. Google came in a fair bit lower at $113,669 for 2013 and $107,857 in 2012, a 5-percent increase. Though lower, Google saw the bigger increase in global brand value over the year. IBM, which came in at third, has a 2013 brand value of $112,536, a 3-percent decrease over 2012's $115,985.

Apple held its position as number 1 on the list, having been in the same slot last year. Google, however, jumped a ranking, bumping the value-suffering IBM from second place to third, and taking Google from third to second. Fourth on the list is McDonald's, which was in the same slot last year. The next big change is seen with Microsoft, which was #5 last year, and is #7 this year.

Said BrandZ's Director Peter Walshe, "[Apple's] brand value only increased by 1 per cent this year but it still holds the record for the most valuable brand. And it leads by a long way. The next brand in the ranking, Google, is worth $113.7bn [reversing a 3 per cent decline last year to a 5 per cent gain] so Apple is $71.4bn ahead – nearly the value of Coca-Cola, which just shows how strong, powerful and meaningful that brand is."

Technology companies of various sorts represent a total of 40-percent of all companies on the Top 100 list, with 5 of the Top 10 being businesses in the tech sector. You can check out this year's complete Top 100 listing for yourself, which shows the numbers and how they relate to last year's numbers. You can also check out 2012's Top 100 listing for some extra information with which to contrast the current numbers.

SOURCE: Marketing Week