Apple AirPower charging mat might still happen after all

Apple is a company that takes its products and its announcements very seriously. So seriously that when it cancels and already announced product, it is treated almost like a scandal or a tragedy or both. The most recent example of that is the axed AirPower wireless charging mat that partially became a butt of jokes before it was formally canceled. Apple may be trying to redeem itself and is apparently taking another stab at the accessory, but this time with one important and powerful change.

The AirPower was announced back in 2017 but it would take more than two years before Apple would concede that the much-delayed product is being canceled. Although it never really confirmed the reason why but the Internet was already filled with theories and leaks. Long story short, the AirPower was a fire hazard because it would overheat when you added the Apple Watch on top.

The AirPower was designed to charge iPhones, AirPods cases, and Apple Watches but that last device used a slightly different charging system that required much higher power output. That, in turn, forced Apple to use a mix of overlaying charging circuits that would overheat when the Apple Watch was placed on top. That's how the AirPower didn't meat the company's high standards, which was its official statement on the cancellation.

Now leaker Jon Prosser reveals that some engineers are receiving prototypes of a "C68", which is apparently a new AirPower charger. Aside from the slight difference in design, the biggest new thing is the Apple A11 Bionic chip inside, the very same processor that powers the iPhone X. It may sound like overkill for a wireless charger but that's exactly the power that's needed to intelligently manage and route power to ensure thermal safety.

Of course, the question most will have on their minds is when this accessory will launch if at all. The accessory market is already filled with AirPower-like alternatives from certified brands but many will still flock to an Apple original product if one is available, no matter the price.