Apple Aiming To Sell iPad In South Korea

With the launch of the iPhone in South Korea, and its subsequent popularity, it looks like the iPad may be the next Apple product to land in that particular neck of the woods. In a recent statement made by The Korea Communications Commission, a decision regarding the iPad's arrival for technical approval by Apple's Korean unit could be made in a matter of days. If Apple succeeds in getting the iPad into South Korea, it would be a direct rival to Samsung's Android-based Galaxy Tab tablet device.

Speaking to the Yonhap News Agency, a spokesman for KT Corp., the local distributor for Apple's iPhone, said that they hope to be selling the iPad by the end of November, but was unable to provide a specific date as to when customers could expect to see the tablet device launch. As of now, it looks like Apple is just going through the process to get the iPad approved for the regional launch, and if the spokesman for KT Corp. is accurate, then it looks like that's the method that the iPad would make its debut.

As for Samsung, who are aiming to launch their own tablet device, the Galaxy Tab, in South Korea by the end of the year, it looks like their decision to use SK Telecom may pay off. SK Telecom is the direct competitor to KT Corp., and having the iPad available on one network, while the Tab is available on the other should do well to boost tablet sales in the region, as well as continue to fuel an on going mobile platform battle.

[via Yahoo! News]