Apple adopts majority-voting, stays mum on TV

Apple had its first annual shareholder meeting without the late Steve Jobs today. The company didn't make any major announcements at the event, but did address some longtime shareholder issues regarding the implementation of a majority-voting standard. Apple CEO Tim Cook was on hand of course for a few statements and a shareholder Q&A session, but dodged any questions related to the much rumored Apple television set.

Many large companies have already adopted the majority-voting standard, something that Apple has been resistant to despite the push by shareholders. Apple has been operating under a plurality vote standard that requires directors to obtain only a majority of the votes cast, disregarding those who failed to vote on their shares.

Beyond the issue of the new shareholder voting policy, a variety of questions were fielded by Cook regarding the company's direction. Shareholders questioned Apple's commitment to education, the company's lack of interest in owning its own music label or television studio, its advertising strategy, its relationship with Facebook, and even the possibility of an Apple television set. Cook declined to comment on that last one.

[via MacRumors]