Apple adds page for HTML5 and web standards showcase

Feuds are nothing new no matter who is feuding be it the Hatfield's and McCoy's, VHS and Betamax, Blu-ray and HD DVD, or Flash and HTML5. Some feuds last decades, others are over in a few short years or months. Apple has decided to add a page to its website to promote the use of HTML 5 and web standards in general.

The theme of the page seems to be to stop the folks that like to say things like HTML5 is OK, but Flash can do this etcetera and so on. As you might expect the new page touts the open nature of HTML5 and Apple's adherence to open standards in its products.

The page is also filled with demos that users can check out to see how well HTML5 works for things like photo and video rendering and more. It's still interesting to me that Microsoft and Apple have both come done on the same side of this feud. It's really no surprise though, Apple wants HTML5 to be the standards and Microsoft has Silverlight that competes directly with Flash.