Apple adds Night Shift and more in iOS 9.3 beta

Chris Scott Barr - Jan 11, 2016, 1:58pm CST
Apple adds Night Shift and more in iOS 9.3 beta

The iOS 9.3 beta has been released today, and while it isn’t exactly groundbreaking, there are a few new features worth looking at. Apple has put up a teaser page that gives us all of the details. But we’ve got a rundown of the best ones right here.

If you’ve never heard of f.lux, it’s a program for your PC that slowly removes the blue light from your monitor as evening turns into night. While this may seem strange, studies show that exposure to blue light in the evening hours can actually make it hard to sleep. Well in iOS 9.3, there is a feature called Night Shift that will track the sunset in your location, and slowly change your display to a warmer temperature, much like f.lux does.

There are some things on your phone that you want to keep private. Apple knows this, and that’s why they have added an extra step of security for your Notes. You’ll be able to select which ones should be private, and then lock them with your Touch ID. Now if only they would do this for photo albums.

CarPlay is getting some new features in the update, as well. The biggest is the new Nearby feature in Maps. You’ll be able to find gas, parking, restaurants and more, that are located near you, just by tapping on your CarPlay-enabled touchscreen. They’re also adding a New and For You section to the Apple Music section of CarPlay. You’ll be able to listen to handpicked songs and albums, as well as recommended tracks, based on your preferences.

Apple also added new features for the News area, as well as to their health apps. They’ve also added in new features aimed at educators that use their iOS devices in the classroom. You can check out all of the new features here.

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