Apple adds a year to the AirPods Pro service program

Apple products are expensive enough that any issue to prevent something lasting a long time is a big deal for consumers. Unfortunately, some of Apple's high-end AirPods Pro earbuds have had a problem that causes crackling, static, or issues with Active Noise Cancellation requiring some owners to send the earbuds in for service. With no fanfare, Apple has extended that repair program to address any issues with crackling, static, or Active Noise Cancellation for an additional year.

By adding a year to the service program, owners will get a replacement for defective units for up to three years. To be eligible for the program, the AirPods Pro have to be built before October 2020. Apple added the additional year to the service program just as the first batch of AirPods Pro earbuds that landed in October 2019 reached the two-year mark.

Apple's modified Service Program for Sound Issues page now states the program covers defective units for three years from the first retail sale date. When the program first went into effect in October 2020, it only covered defective units for two years. Issues the program covers include crackling or static observed in loud environments, among others, and Active Noise Cancellation problems.

Whatever the issue was that caused the sound problems for the early AirPods Pro was addressed in earbuds built after October 2020. The service program allows owners of impacted AirPods Pro to take the earbuds to Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. The program will replace individual earbuds or provide the user with a new set depending on the severity of the problem.

Some owners have complained that there's no way to tell when the AirPods were manufactured. Of course, any issue with an expensive piece of equipment is a problem, but it's always nice when a manufacturer admits a problem and has a program in place to remedy an issue.