Apple 20-inch Cinema Display discontinued

Apple has discontinued its 20-inch Cinema Display, informing distributors that, effective immediately, "all backlog will be cancelled and there is no automatic order conversion."  Listings of the monitor have already been removed from Apple's own online store, and stock at third-party suppliers is already very low; the company is believed to have halted production of the 20-inch display late in 2008.

That leaves only the recently released 24-inch LED-backlit Cinema Display, which connects using the Mini DisplayPort connector, and the much older 30-inch HD Cinema Display, which is the only Apple monitor officially on sale from the company that supports the Mac mini's and Mac Pro's DVI graphics output.  Low stock of that screen has led many to believe that it too is close to being discontinued, with a new Mac mini with Mini DisplayPort expected soon.

Many people are now predicting that Apple will imminently announce the new Mac mini and shortly after discontinue the 30-inch HD Cinema Display, eventually replacing it with a new 30-inch LED-backlit version using the Mini DisplayPort connection.  Check out our review of the Apple 24-inch LED-backlit Cinema Display here.