Apple's iMac fix didn't exactly fix it

In fact it fixed it the same way the T-Virus fixes death, it made it worse. That's only in some cases, in some cases it actually did fix the problem, but it seems that in a large majority of the cases, it did nothing.

So I would assume that if it fixed the issue for some, made it worse for others, and did nothing for most, then it probably is a software/firmware issue, and not a hardware issue, but I'll be honest I don't know dick about Macs other than that I want one. No one else is entirely certain whether it's a hardware or software issue, and most don't care, they just want it fixed.

So, if you are experiencing this issue, and have considered getting the supposed fix, do a backup first, so you can restore to where you are now, in case you are one of the unlucky ones where it only makes things worse. Otherwise, what could it hurt? You might actually end up with your machine being fixed.

Apple Releases iMac Updates, But Lockups Continue [via PCWorld]