App Stores present dangerous "chokepoint" says Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has taken time out from pleading for cash in banner ads at the online encyclopedia to criticize app stores, suggesting that they represent a potential "chokepoint that is very dangerous." Speaking in a personal capacity at a UK event this week, according to Tech.Blorge, Wales struck out at closed app market models that could present "a threat to a diverse and open ecosystem."

In his arguments, the Wikipedia chief sounded most like open-access device users, such as those keen to hack the iPhone or proponents of Android's open-source nature. According to Wales, "we own [the] device, and we should control it."

Meanwhile, Wales also commented on net neutrality, though he was less concerned about the arguments over differently prioritized pipes creating a tiered internet. Current fears were "highly overblown" he suggested, claiming much of the panic was over hypothetical issues that posed no immediate danger.