App replaces boring subway ads with lively art

Street art is one of those things that can make a city feel more vibrant. Good, actual art slathered on otherwise dull concrete is a fantastic thing. Ads for goods and services? Not so much. A new app aims to take care of those annoying ads, and like any good art, is free.

Though limited to New York City, and the subway system that lies under it, No Ad is still a great app. The aim is to "alter the current expectations of urban media", or at least that's the aim of the team behind it, Re+Public.

The free app is simple to use, and endlessly neat. All you have to do is open it up and point your device at the offending ad. Recognizing the offending item, No Ad replaces what's on your screen with a work of art.

No Ad can recognize around 100 ads on the NYC subway lines, and boasts 50 artists submitting their work to the cause.

With companies regurgitating the same ad over and over, the imagery gets tiresome. With No Ad, you get a fresh look each time you scan one of the vinyl posters on the ride home.

Source: No Ad

Via: Engadget