App of the Week: Doodle Jump HOP

Christina Burlini - Apr 12, 2011
App of the Week: Doodle Jump HOP

With the new release of the family comedy HOP, it seemed appropriate that Doodle Jump: HOP be the app of the week. In this version of Doodle Jump you are the cute, cuddly Easter Bunny’s son, E.B. who is hoping to take over the family business. Before E.B can do so, he has to master the art of jumping. With the your guidance and Doodle the Doodler’s guidance, E.B. will be the top jumper in no time.

While learning to jump E.B. will also be learning the ropes of the top-secret candy factory as well as saving Easter from Carlos, the leader of the chicks who are trying to steal Easter. This is Doodle Jump like you’ve never seen it before and yet still equally as irresistible.

As much as I enjoyed the original and holiday versions of Doodle Jump, I can easily say this version is my favorite. One of the main reasons I enjoy the HOP version is because there are 25 unique levels with specific heights you have to reach in order to unlock the next level. Another feature I appreciate more is how different each level really is. As you progress, the levels increase in difficulty by increasing the goal height or by the introduction of various jumping platforms that are no longer stable metal.

Some examples of the new platforms are moving and disappearing platforms as well as jellybean platforms that crumble after you have jumped on them once. One of my favorite features is that E.B. shoots jellybeans at the enemies who closely resemble the chicks from the movie including Carlos and Phil, the evil chicks who are trying to take over Easter and prevent E.B. from becoming the next Easter bunny.

This game is easily one of my new favorites because it’s so simple and yet so addicting. The one thing I enjoy most about it is that there are defined levels rather than just one never ending level. Having a specific goal makes games much more appealing to me because I find it easier to meet multiple goals, like completing all 25 levels, rather than always aiming to beat a single high score.

Doodle Jump: HOP is great for all ages, kids as young as my six-year-older neighbor say they love playing it as well as 84 year old grandmother who won’t put her iPad down when she’s struggling to beat a level.

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