Apogee Groove USB DAC makes your laptop sound better

If you travel a lot and find yourself listening to music or movies frequently from your notebook, you may want to improve the sound as much as possible. A company called Apogee has a new USB DAC that promises to give your notebook a big boost in audio performance in a very small package. The device is very small making it easy to take with you on the road.

The Groove needs a single USB connection to Mac or PC computers and has an ESS Sabre DAC inside the enclosure. Apogee uses a constant current drive for smooth frequency response from headphones and a Quad Sum DAC. That DAC gives four DACs per channel for high dynamic range and less distortion.

The Groove also supports asynchronous clocking and has a maximum output level of 225mW into 30 ohms. Groove has multi-colored LEDs for status and level indication. All the power the device needs comes from the USB port.

The enclosure that hides all the components is made from aluminum for style and protection on the road. Apogee builds the Groove in the USA and it will be available to purchase this spring. Pricing will be announced closer to launch.

SOURCE: Engadget