Apex Legends Season 7 gameplay trailer shows us Horizon in action

For a little while now, EA and Respawn Entertainment have been teasing Apex Legends Season 7. This is a big one for Apex Legends, because not only will a new character called Horizon be launching for the game, but Apex Legends will also be going live on Steam with the arrival of the new season. Today, EA and Respawn published a new gameplay trailer that gives us an even better idea of what to expect from Apex Legends Season 7, particularly when it comes to Horizon's abilities.

We already know that Horizon will have gravity-bending abilities, and we get to see them in action in this trailer. One of her abilities sees her deploying her drone send enemies into the air, making them easy targets. Similarly, Horizon can deploy a mini black hole to incapacitate enemies and leave them open to attack.

Today's trailer also gives us a closer look at Olympus, a new map that's being introduced in Season 7. Olympus is a floating city among the clouds, and judging from this trailer, it certainly looks a lot more idyllic and colorful than some of Apex Legends' other maps. On Olympus, players will find the Trident, a new vehicle that can shuttle entire squads around the map.

As always, Season 7 will give players a new Battle Pass to purchase and level up, but what's included in that Battle Pass is still mostly a mystery. There will also be a new ranked season for competitive players to work their way through, and we'll also see the addition of Clubs. As the name suggests, Clubs will allow players to group up in communities of up to 30 players, which will hopefully make it easier to find people to squad up with outside of each player's normal friends list.

In short, there's a lot launching in Season 7, and Apex Legends will look quite a bit different after the new season arrives. Apex Legends Season 7 is going live on November 4th across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Origin, and Steam. We'll undoubtedly learn more about the update through its patch notes on launch day, so stay tuned for that.