Apex Legends Season 5 trailer teases new character Loba

Late last week, Apex Legends fans were introduced to the game's newest upcoming hero: Loba Andrade. The company released a teaser animation that briefly details the character's background and what motivates her in the present, hinting at a personal war with the Revenant. The character will be part of the game's broader Season 5 release, which will bring a new Battle Pass and more.

As explained in the teaser video below, Loba had a tragic childhood marked by the death of her parents and life spent in the foster care system. Over time, Loba progressed from being a petty to master thief, one who stole valuables from around the world. We see her meet a mysterious new friend who appears to be something like a sidekick or tech genius, though few details about him are provided.

The plot twist arrives toward the end of the trailer when the sidekick announces that he found him, after which point he pulls up a wall-sized image of the Revenant, clearly catching Loba by surprise. In what way these two have a history isn't explained, but given the nature of the trailer, it is possible that she thinks he is responsible for her parents' deaths.

Loba will arrive with Apex Legends Season 5, which is called 'Fortune's Favor' with a May 12 release date. The new battle pass will bring more than 100 new items, according to EA, including new Apex Packs, Legendary skins, and more. The season will also introduce Quests, giving players rewards in exchange for completing tasks.

In addition, Season 5 will bring the new Ranked Series 4 model. At this point in time, we don't know what Loba's special skills are, but there's less than two weeks of waiting left until we find out. Apex Legends is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC; it is free to download and play, though you'll have to pay for the battle pass if you want it.